17 октября

17 октября 2021 г.

Coldplay, Хейден Торп, Янг Таг, Финнеас О'Коннелл, Том Морелло, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Джой Крукс, Dark Mark Vs Skeleton Joe и другие релизы, вышедшие на этой неделе.

ден Торп

The 502s – Could It Get Better Than This

A.A. Williams – arco EP

AEON – God Ends Here

The Agonist – Days Before The World Wept EP

Alcatrazz – V

Allie Crow Buckley – Moonlit and Devious Alternatives EP

Allie Dunn – Good As Gone EP

Alphanaut – On Some Planets This Is Pop

American Sigh – Honor System

Another Michael – Unplugged Music and Big Sessions

Anson Seabra – Feeling For My Life EP

Anz – All Hours EP

Aquilo – A Safe Place To Be

Astral Brain – The Bewildered Mind

Baker Boy – Gela

Bathe – Bicoastal

The Beatles – Let It Be (Special Edition)

Bedouine – Waysides

Ben Barnes – Songs For You EP

Ben Caplan – recollection

Billy Joe Shaver & Kinky Friedman – Live Down Under

BLACKSTARKIDS – Puppies Forever

Bleach Lab – Nothing Feels Real EP

Bleep Bloop – Revenge EP

Blue Cranes – VOICES

Brin – Water Sign

Bryan’s Magic Tears – Vacuum Sealed

Buffalo Nichols – Buffalo Nichols

BUSINESS. – a weekend at finn’s EP

Capital Theater – A Hero’s Journey

Caradras –Schattenkönige

Carlos Santana – Blessings and Miracles

CD RIM – Songs of Vienna

The Charlatans – A Head Full of Ideas

Charlotte Greve – Sediments We Move

Chelsea Cutler – When I Close My Eyes

Cherubs – SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY EP

Chris Jones and the Night Drivers – Make Each Second Last

Chris Mardini – Chris Mardini

Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres

Craneium – Unknown Heights

cultgabe – nowherefast EP

Cyndi Lauper – True Colors (Expanded Edition)

Daisy – S.O.M.E. EP

Dark Mark Vs Skeleton Joe (Марк Ланеган и Джо Кардамон) – Dark Mark Vs Skeleton Joe

The Darkness – Motorheart

Dave Monks – I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me

David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name: 50th Anniversary Edition

David Keenan – What Then?

The dB’s – I Thought You Wanted To Know: 1978-1981

Dean Wareham – I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of L.A.

DED – School of Thought (цифровой релиз)

Dena – Mixed Feelings EP

Deviant Process – Nurture

Devoid – Lonely Eye Movement

Disclosure – DJ-Kicks

Dødsdrift – Ødnis

Dom Kennedy – From The Westside With Love Three

Dos Santos – City of Mirrors

dUg Pinnick (из King X) – Joy Bomb

Echoes – Lasting

Elan Tamara – We Can Fall

Endure The Affliction – Evolve EP

ESP Summer – Kingdom Of Heaven

Evergreen – Sign In EP

Feed The Corpses To The Pigs – This Insidious Horror

Finneas – Optimist

Fire-Toolz – Eternal Home

Fotoform – Horizons

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – Sticky

Gemini Syndrome – 3rd Degree – The Raising

Gene Dante & The Future Starlets – DL/UX

The Georgia Thunderbolts – Can We Get A Witness

Glenn Echo – Fixed Memory

Gone to Color – Gone to Color

Gracey – Fragile EP

Grafh x DJ Shay – Stop Calling Art Content

The Grahams – Sha La La

Hank! – Guilty Pleasures (Are the Best Ones)

Hank May – One More Taste of the Good Stuff

HATE – Rugia

Haunted Like Human – Tall Tales & Fables

Hayden Thorpe (из Wild Beasts) – Moondust for My Diamond

HEXA (Lawrence English & Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart) – Material Interstices

High Desert Queen – Secrets of the Black Moon

Hippotraktor – Meridian

Illudium – Ash of the Womb


Interesting Times Gang – Beats, No Rhymes, No Life

Jacob Cooper and Steven Bradshaw – Sunrise

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Georgia Blue

John Carpenter – Halloween Kills (саундтрек)

Johnny Gallagher – 8th and Jane

Johnny Marr – Fever Dreams Pt 1 EP

Joshua Speers – Midnight Horses EP

Joy Crookes – Skin

JP Cooper – SHE

Judas Priest – 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music

Julia Shapiro (из Chastity Belt) – Zorked

Kacy Hill – Simple, Sweet and Smiling

Kasey Rutledge – Tender Heart

Katelyn Tarver – Subject to Change

Kaley Rutledge – Tender Heart

Keinemusik – Send Return

Le Ren – Leftovers

Lilly Hiatt – Lately

Lords Of Black – Alchemy Of Souls, Part II

Lorne Behrman – When I Hit The Floor EP

LPT – Se Quema El Mundo

The Lucid (feat. David Ellefson) – The Lucid

Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes (10th Anniversary Physical Deluxe Edition)

Marianne Sveen (из Katzenjammer) – Next of Kin

Matt Benyayer – She 2.0 EP

Melvins – Five Legged Dog

Misanthur – Ephemeris

Money Chicha – Chicha Summit

Mo Troper – Dilettante

Muertissima – Inquisition

MULLA – جن

Namesake – Redeeming Features

Norah Jones – I Dream Of Christmas

Novocaine 99 – Lost

Nür – Negative Transfer EP

Offset Jim – Rich Off The Pack

Old Man of the Woods – Votives

Order (feat. members of Mayhem) – The Gospel

Ornament and Crime (с участниками Poolside и Grizfolk) – Another Night on the Astral Plane EP

PinkPantheress – To hell with it

Pokey LaFarge – In The Blossom of Their Shade

Purple Disco Machine – Exotica

Quivver – Revelate

Reaping Asmodeia – Darkened Infinity

Rebellix – Serpent’s Kiss EP

The Red Pears – You Thought We Left Because The Door Was Open But We Were Waiting Outside

Redscale – The Old Colossus

Remi Wolf – Juno

Robin Guthrie (из Cocteau Twins) – Mockingbird Love EP

The Roomsounds – Good Company

Ryan Hurd – Pelago

Salt Creek – Out Of The Sky

Sarah McQuaid – St Buryan Sessions

Scott von Ryper – Dream State Treasure

The Shining Tongues – Milk of God

sir Was – Let The Morning Come

Skeletoon – The 1.21 Gigawatts Club

SNAFU – Exile//Banishment

Stephan Moccio – Lionheart

Steph Richards with Joshua White – Zephyr

Steven Bamidele – Uncrowded EP

Stimming & Lambert – Positive

The Stone Eye – South Of The Sun

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings – The Incredible Heat Machine

ToBy – L’Espirit

Toby Kieth – Peso In My Pocket

Tom Morello – The Atlas Underground Fire

Tommy Womack – I Thought I Was Fine

Tone Stith – Still FWM

Twelve Foot Ninja – Vengeance

Various Artists – Gangster Music Vol. 2

Various Artists – Pokémon 25: The Album

Velvet Two Stripes – Sugar Honey Iced Tea

The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground: A Documentary Film By Todd Haynes – Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack

VILDHJARTA – måsstaden under vatten

Virgil Shaw – At The Time I Didn’t Care

Vitamin String Quartet – It Feels Like Christmas

Waylon Payne – The Lost Act

Weak Signal – Bianca

Wilderado – Wilderado

Witch Fever – Reincarnate EP

The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong All Stars – A Gift to Pops

Xenia Rubinos – Una Rosa

Young Thug – Punk

Zac Brown Band – The Comeback

Zache Davis – The Sting

Zeph – Scared of Everything EP

Самые популярные

Новости прошедшей недели: 22-29 марта

Сегодня немного о том, как важно заботиться о собственном здоровье.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 29 марта - 5 апреля

На этой неделе: Ноэл Галлахер шлет к чертям акустику, Мэтт Беллами пишет музыку для «1984», а Билли Пайпер вспоминает Эми Уайнхаус.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 5 - 12 марта

На этой неделе: Yungblud – о своей «иммерсивной» книге, Лиам Галлахер – о том, под какую песню Blur он плакал, а Луи Томлинсон – о шипперах.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 12-19 апреля

На этой неделе: Джеймс Хетфилд набил необычную татуировку, Кортни Лав проехалась по Тейлор Свифт, а Шон Леннон и Джеймс МакКартни выпустили совместную песню.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 19-26 апреля

На этой неделе – Нил Теннант ворчит, Эми Ли опровергает слухи, а Билли Айлиш любит себя.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 26 апреля - 3 мая

На этой неделе: Дуа Липа и Ник Сестер вспоминают прошлое, а Blossoms тусуются с футбольным тренером.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 3 - 10 мая

На этой неделе – трейлеры фильмов про Blur и Синди Лаупер, а также забавная история от Лили Аллен.

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