15 августа

15 августа 2021 г.

The Killers, Jungle, Oscar Lang, Джейд Берд, Чарльз Спирин из Broken Social Scene и другие релизы, вышедшие на этой неделе.

A Certain Ratio – ACR:EPR EP

A Great Big Pile of Leaves – Pono

ÆNIGMATUM – Deconsecrate

Afterlife – Part of Me

Alchemy of Flesh – Ageless Abomination


Anyasa – Gaya EP

Beatchild – Unselfish Desires

Beige Banquet – Beige Banquet EP

Bendigo Fletcher – Fits of Laughter

Ben Platt – Reverie

Beyondsonny – Solstice EP

Binki – Motor Function EP

blackbear – misery lake EP

Blacktop Mojo – Blacktop Mojo

Bloxx – Pop Culture EP

body / negative – Fragments Remixed

Bohemyst – Čerň A Smrt

Boldy James and The Alchemist – Bo Jackson

Brandee Younger – Somewhere Different

Brijean – Feelings Remixes EP

Brogan Bentley – Diapason Rex

Caskets – Lost Souls

Charles Arizona – WYW

Charles Spearin (из Broken Social Scene) – My City of Starlings

Chino Cappin – Ladders

Chorusing – Half Mirror

The Cold Stares – Heavy Shoes

Consumption – Recursive Definitions of Suppuration

Cots – Disturbing Body

Cruzados – She’s Automatic

The Crystal Casino Band – Not About You

Dan + Shay – Good Things

Daniel Eva Schwob – Out of the Tunnel

d’Eon – Rhododendron

Danielle Eva Schwob – Out of the Tunnel

Destruction – Live Attack

Devendra Banhart & Noah Georgeson – Refuge

Dreamers – Atlas EP

EBEN – Dandelions EP

(Eli)zabeth Owens – Knock Knock

Elroy – Elroy

Explorer Tapes – Explorer Tapes

F. Scott and the Nighthawks – Hold Onto Your Heart

Fearancy – Dæmonium

Feed Me – Feed Me

Ghost Woman – Lost Echo’s EP

Grace Vonderkuhn – Pleasure Pain

Grace Womack – Yellow Cowboy Hat EP

Grateful Dead – Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 2—Carousel 2-14-68


Hein Cooper – Turbulent Heart EP

Hellbomber – Noise Worship Propaganda EP

Imperial Slaughter – …Vile Slobs

Infex – Burning in Exile

Jackie Hayes – There’s Always Going to Be Something EP

Jade Bird – Different Kinds of Light

Jamart – Jamart

Jeremy Garrett – Wanderer’s Compass

Joan Armatrading – Consequences

Joey Cape (из Lagwagon) – A Good Year to Forget

Joseph Taylor Sutkowski – Of Wisdom & Folly

Josienne Clarke – A Small Unknowable Thing

Joy Orbinson – still slipping vol. 1

Jungle – Loving In Stereo

Junior Mesa – Cirque Du Freak EP

JWestern – Midnight Thoughts EP

Kalie Shorr – I Got Here By Accident EP

Kass Rose Gold – Joy Ride EP

Katz – Only You EP

K Camp – FLOAT

Kevin Holliday – OMNI EP

The Killers – Pressure Machine

Lee Dewyze – Ghost Stories

Luke Hemmings – When Facing The Things We Turn Away From

M.A.G.S. – Say Things That Matter

Matthew Whitaker – Connections

Media Jeweler – The Sublime Sculpture of Being Alive

Meet Me @ The Altar – Model Citizen EP

McClenney – On a Virgo Mind

Monty Bevins – Time To Bide

Mountain Movers – World What World

Nick Garbett & Mike Majkowski – The Glider

OhGeesy – Geezy World

Oscar Lang – Chew The Scenery

Pachyman – The Return of Pachyman

Paragon Cause – Autopilot

Pi Jacobs – Live From Memphis

Pole – Tanzboden EP

PRISM Quartet featuring Ravi Coltrane, Joe Lovano, and Chris Potter – Volume 2

Provoker – Body Jumper

Quicksand – Distant Populations

Rainbow Kitten Surprise – RKS! Live From Athens Georgia

Raven Bush – Fall Into Noise

Rebel Priest – Lost in Tokyo EP

Roy Montgomery – Rhymes of Chance

The Rumberts – Escapism

Sally Decker – In The Tender Dream

Samia – Scout EP

Scritti Politti – Cupid & Psyche 85

Sheryl Crow – Live from the Ryman & More

Sleepwalker – Monument From The Void

Snow Ellet – Suburban Indie Rock Star

Sophist – Metabolic Chasm​.​.​.​.​.​.

Sorrows – Love Too Late… the real album

Spirit Breaker – Cura Nata

Starita – The Wake Up Call EP

Still Woozy – If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is

Stuck – Content That Makes You Feel Good EP

Sungaze – This Dream

Supreme Love – We Are All Together EP

Susanna and David Wallumrød – Live

Swerve – Ruin Your Day

Ted Jasper – Do Something EP

ToiToiToi – Vagnaten

The Transonics – Tides EP

Trash Boat – Don’t You Feel Amazing?

Typhoid Rosie – Queen Of Swords

The Ugly Kings – Strange, Strange Times

Unreqvited – Beautiful Ghosts

Victory Kid – Discernation

Viktor Timofeev – Palace of Peace & Reconciliation

Violette – In her beauty lies my death and life EP

Watchhouse (FKA Mandolin Orange) – Watchhouse

Weathers – Pillows and Therapy

Wednesday – Twin Plagues

Who? What? When? Why? & Werewolves? – Hard Feelings

Wild Americans – One-Dimensional Man

Willie Nile – The Day the Earth Stood Still

Wing Vilma – Spirit Practice

Without God – Siberian Tunes: The Green Light EP

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Сингл «That’s How Horses Are» был написан специально для финального сезона сериала «Острые козырьки».

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«Песня лета» - так характеризует новый сингл Лиам. Трек является заглавным с третьего сольного альбома, который выйдет 27 мая на лейбле Warner. 

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