Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet made just one album in the early 1970s, the self-titled Magic Carpet, that fused Indian ragas and singer-songwriter folk in a manner suggestive of Joni Mitchell playing with the Incredible String Band. Three of the four musicians--sitarist Clem Alford, guitarist Jim Moyes, and tabla player Keshav Sathe--had issued a previous album on Windmill under the name Sagram (a misspelling of their actual name, Sargam). They were given the opportunity to record an album for the Mushroom label in Britain in the early 1970s

30 октября 2006 г.

Magic Carpet: Секс, наркотики и психоделия

Эти ребята навёрстывают упущенные Россией 70е. В этом интервью они расскажут о своей философии и о том, что же случилось с их клавишником.

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