31 октября

01 ноября 2021 г.

The War on Drugs, Ричард Эшкрофт, Марисса Надлер, Эд Ширан, Geese и другие релизы, вышедшие на этой неделе. 

A Broken Design – Another Day In Hell

ACID – Romance, Science Fiction With Acid and Persona

Ad Infinitum – Chapter II – Legacy

Alcopops – DEVIL EP

Al Jacobi – Confider’s Guilt

Alleys and Gangways – Long Shot EP

Amaal – Milly EP

American Teeth – We Should Be Having Fun

Anna Vincent – Under the Glass

Anti Ritual – Expel The Leeches

An Unction in Braille – The Wordless Whisper EP

Archspire – Bleed the Future

Artz & Bugy – We Survive EP

Augustine – Weeks Above The Earth

BackRoad Gee – Reporting Live (From The Back Of The Roads)

Babytron – Bin Reaper

Bad History Month and Nyxy Nyx – Death Takes a Holiday

Bad with Phones – Marinade

Bad Wolves – Dear Monsters

BASTARÐUR – Sólstafir

Bat Fangs – Queen Of My World

Be’lakor – Coherence

Begat The Nephilim – II: The Grand Procession

BIIANCO – Mixtape #2

Bitchin Bajas – Switched On Ra

Black Tarpoon – Probable Caws

Black Veil Brides – The Phantom Tomorrow

Blake Saint David – Be Your Own Celebrity EP

Blanks – Nothing Lasts Forever And That’s Ok

Bloodmouth – Unmanned

Brandy Zdan – Falcon

Bremer/McCoy – Natten

Brother Bird – Gardens

Burning the Oppresor – Damnation

CAAR – I’m Just Bored EP

Calling All Captains – Slowly Getting Better

Callus – A Breath of Fresh Air

Chakourah (Алесия Чакур из Tedeschi Trucks Band) – lotusland EP

Charlotte Cornfield – Highs In the Minuses

Chloé & Vassilena Serafimova – SEQUENZA

Christopher Parker & The Band Of Guardian Angels – Soul Food

CHVRCHES – Screen Violence: Director’s Cut

Contrition – Broken Mortal Coil

Cory José – Your Own American Chanteur

The Cosmic Dead / GIÖBIA – The Intergalactic Connection: Exploring The Sideral Remote Hyperspace

Cyclopean Walls – Enter the Dreamlands

Dancing On Tables – Play Play Play EP

Dave Chappelle – 8:46 (на виниле)

David Reece – Blacklist Utopia

Dear Laika – Pluperfect Mind

Death Cab For Cutie – The Photo Album (Deluxe Edition)

DJ Abilities – Phonograph Phoenix

DOEDSVANGR – Serpents Ov Old

Dolore – L’Orrendo Spettacolo della Morte

Doodie Lo – Big Doodie Lo

Early Internet – You’re Just In Time To Miss Everything

Ed Sheeran – = (Equals)

ELDR – Nowhere Else to Go EP

Eleanor Buckland – You Don’t Have to Know

Elbows – Tales From The Old Mill

Elvie Shane – Backslider

Emerson, Lake & Paul – Out of This World: Live 1970-1997

Emily Scott Robinson – American Siren

Erockfor – Phoenix

The Exbats – Now Where Were We

Felin – Heroes and Villains

First Fragment – Gloire Éternelle

Furrows – Fisher King

Gates – Here And Now EP

Geese – Projector

Georgia Feroce – Moon Signs

gglum – once the edge has worn off EP

Goat Torment – Forked Tongues

Good Morning – Barnyard

Good Posture – Changin’ EP

Goya Gumbani and Subculture – KRYSTIN EP

Grand Cadaver – Into the Maw of Death

Habibi – Somewhere EP

Hadley Kennary – Crooked Roots

Handsome Jack – Get Humble

Hayes Carll – You Get It All

The High Strung – HannaH

The Hollywood Stars – Live On The Sunset Strip

Holy Death – Separate Mind From Flesh

Hot Garbage – RIDE

The Human Veil – The Hybrid Era EP

Insane Clown Posse – Yum Yum Bedlam

Jamire Williams – But Only After You Have Suffered

Jeon Somi – XOXO

Jerry Cantrell (из Alice in Chains) – Brighten

Joe Bonamassa – Time Clocks

Jointhugger – Surrounded By Vultures

Jonathan Blake – Homeward Bound

Joni Mitchell – Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 2: The Reprise Years (1968-1971)

Jordan Hawkins – Heart Won’t Stop EP


Katy B – Peace and Offerings EP

Kayo Dot – Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike

Kent Loon – Bittersweet

Knivad – Insidans Ärrvävnad by Knivad

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Candy Racer

Laura Reznek – Agrimony

Leaping Tiger – Soulsleep

Levitation Orchestra – Illusions & Realities

Light Conductor – Sequence Two

Lightmare – Dirt

Lilli Lewis – Americana

Lily Konigsberg (из Palberta) – Lily We Need to Talk Now

Lone – Always Inside Your Head

Lotic – Water

Luciano Launius – Painters of Ether

The Lucid Furs – Damn! That Was Easy!

Lucifer – IV

Luke Wild – Shoebox EP

Lunar Vacation – Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp

Magnolia Park – Halloween Mixtape

Manchester Orchestra – Christmas Songs Vol. 1 (цифровой релиз)

Marco Parisi – Untitled

Marie Dahlstrom – Safe Place EP

Marissa Nadler – The Path of the Clouds

Mary Lattimore – Collected Pieces II

Masn – This Place Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You EP

Mastodon – Hushed And Grim

Maya Jane Coles – Night Creature

Mayorkun – Back In Office

M(h)aol – Gender Studies

Mick Jenkins – Elephant In The Room

Minus The Bear – Farewell

Mon Laferte – 1940 Carmen

Monolord – Your Time To Shine

Moron Police – The Stranger and the Hightide EP

Motörhead – Everything Louder Forever

Mustan Kuun Lapset – Ei Sävyjä Pimeässä – The Complete 90s Collection

Noah – Étoile EP

Naomi Alligator – Concession Stand Girl EP

Natalie Jane Hill – Solely

Naytronix (Нейт Бреннер из tUnE-yArDs) – Other Possibilities

Nicholas Payton – Smoke Sessions

Nightmares on Wax – Shout Out! To Freedom..

Nina Simone – Feeling Good: Her Greatest Hits & Remixes

NTDT – Stuck in the Middle with You EP

Odd Morris – Cityscape the Ballet EP

Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is An Animal (10th Anniversary Edition)

Oneohtrix Point Never – Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (Blu-ray Edition)

Order – The Gospel

Orson Wilds – What Is It That You Won’t Let Go? EP

The Parrots – Dos

Patrick Shiroshi – Hidemi

Pelt – Reticence Resistance

Pentatonix – Evergreen

Phillip-Michael Scales – Sinner-Songwriter

Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason – Remixed & Updated

Planningtorock – Gay Dreams Do Come True EP


Plush – Plush

The Pop Group – Y in Dub

Pretty Embers – Under

Qrion – I Hope It Lasts Forever

R.E.M. – New Adventures in Hi-Fi (25th Anniversary)

Randy Rainbow – A Little Brains, A Little Talent

Recall Madame X – Unconscious ID

Reno McCarthy – Run Up River

Richard Ashcroft – Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1

Robin Hatch – T.O.N.T.O.

ROMderful – Please Connect Controller

Ross Goldstein – Chutes & Ladders

Royston Langdon – Chains EP

Running Wild – Blood On Blood

Ruttenskalle – Skin ’em Alive

SahBabii – Do It For Demon

Sam Evian – Time to Melt

Sammy Berell – Beyond the Veil

Save Face – Another Kill For The Highlight Reel

Sea Fever – Folding Lines

Shubh Saran – inglish

Silla And Rise – Silarjuaq

Soffia Björg – The Company You Keep

Somber Hills – It’s Sad Saying Goodbye EP

Soot Sprite – Poltergeists EP

Spice Girls – Spice25

SUSTO – Time In the Sun

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Temple – Deluxe Edition

The The – The Comeback Special

Theon Cross – Intra-I

Thrash La Reine – Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfer

Threshing Spirits – The Crucible

Thulcandra – A Dying Wish

TOBi – Shall I Continue? EP

Tori Amos – Ocean to Ocean


Vandalizer – Ride EP

Various Artists – A Sentimental Christmas with Nat “King” Cole and Friends: Cole Classics Reimagined

Various Artists – The Rainbow Lullaby

Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip

Various Artists – ULTRA25-The Remixes

Various Artists – The Vinyl Series: Volume Three

War – Greatest Hits 2.0

The War on Drugs – I Don’t Live Here Anymore

Wave Racer – To Stop From Falling Off The Earth

Wazzara – Cycles

When The Deadbolt Breaks – As Hope Valley Burns: EulogyWhitechapel – Kin

Whitesnake – Restless Heart: Super Deluxe Edition

The Wilderness Of Manitoba – Farewell To Cathedral

Witnesses – The Collapse

Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend (Deluxe Edition)

Yellow Days and Ric Wilson – Disco Ric in London Town EP

Самые популярные

Новости прошедшей недели: 19-26 апреля

На этой неделе – Нил Теннант ворчит, Эми Ли опровергает слухи, а Билли Айлиш любит себя.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 26 апреля - 3 мая

На этой неделе: Дуа Липа и Ник Сестер вспоминают прошлое, а Blossoms тусуются с футбольным тренером.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 3 - 10 мая

На этой неделе – трейлеры фильмов про Blur и Синди Лаупер, а также забавная история от Лили Аллен.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 11 - 18 мая

На этой неделе: Джейк Багг недоволен устройством мира, Кид Рок размахивает пистолетом, а Ричард Гадд не может спокойно выпить в пабе.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 19 - 26 мая

На этой неделе: Крис Мартин любит футбольный клуб «Лутон», Тейлор Свифт любит музыку Djo, а Дуа Липа любит лондонский район Кэмден.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 26 мая - 2 июня

На этой неделе: Лиам исполняет песню Ноэла, Мадонну обвиняют в порнографии, а Гари Лайтбади рассуждает о любви.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 9 - 16 июня

На этой неделе: у Coldplay будет новый альбом, у Placebo – фильм, а у Лиама – памятный знак на стене супермаркета.

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Новости прошедшей недели: 2 - 9 июня

На этой неделе: Фрэн Хили смотрит на лодки, Яннис Филиппакис вдохновляется горами мусора, а на роль Ринго Старра зовут Барри Кеогана.

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