Octo Octa

Brooklyn-based artist Maya Bouldry-Morrison making house/techno.


Let Me See You (12" EP, 100% Silk)
Rough, Rugged, and Raw (CS, 100% Silk)
Oh Love (12" EP, 100% Silk)
LA Vampires by Octo Octa - Freedom 2k (12" EP, 100% Silk)
Between Two Selves (LP, 100% Silk)
Cause I Love You (12" EP, 100% Silk)
Where Did You Go/ Through the Haze (12", Argot)
More Times EP (12" EP, Running Back)
Requiem For The Body (12" EP, Skylax)
Further Trips EP (12" EP, Deepblak)

07 февраля 2021 г.

7 февраля

Foo Fighters, The Staves, Хейли Уильямс, Octo Octa, Black Country, New Road, TV Priest, The Weather Station, Puma Blue и другие альбомы, вышедшие на этой неделе.  

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