24 января

24 января

Still Corners, BICEP, Lonely The Brave, Cub Scout Bowling Pins и другие альбомы, вышедшие на этой неделе.  

20 Watt Tombstone – Year of the Jackalope

Alina Kalanceda – Impedence

Anna Elizabeth Laube – Annamania

Andy James – Tu Amor

Anuel AA and Ozuna – Los Dioses

Årabrot – The World Must Be Destroyed EP

Asphyx – Necroceros

Azmari – Samā‘ī’

BICEP – Isles

Bill Champlin – Livin’ For Love

Bloodletter– Funeral Hymns

Bloody Hammers – Songs Of Unspeakable Terror

Bob Mould – Distortion: 1996-2007

Brian Eno – Film Music 1976 – 2020 (Physical Release)

BRS Kash – Kash Only

Camp Trash – Downtiming EP

CARM (CJ Camerieri из yMusic) – CARM

Caroline Shaw – Narrow Sea

Chris Garneau – The Kind

Christian Aguilar – Christian Aguilar

Coffins – Defilements

Comatose – A Way Back

Conviction – Conviction

Creye – II

Cub Scout Bowling Pins (с Робертом Поллардом из Guided By Voice) – Heaven Beats Iowa EP

Daemon Grey – Follow Your Nightmares

The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground

DEVMO – Tears EP

Ektomorf – Reborn

ELIO – Can You Hear Me EP

Elori Saxl – The Blue of Distance

Erick the Architect (из Flatbush Zombies) – Future Proof EP

Fani Pacc – Accidental Kismet

Fïx8:Sëd8 – The Inevitable Relapse

guccihighwaters – jokes on you

The Head And The Heart – Rivers and Roads: The Head And The Heart – Live from Pike Place Market

Here Lies Man (с участниками Antibalas) – Ritual Divination

HOLYGOOD – Killing Giants EP

Hulder – Godslastering Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry

James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra – The Wide, Wide River

Jarryd James – P.M.

Jason Bieler and the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra – Songs For The Apocalypse

Jeremiah Fraites (из The Lumineers) – Piano Piano

Jimi Somewhere – Nothing Gold Can Stay

John Dwyer, Nick Murray, Brad Caulkins, Tom Dolas & Greg Coates – Witch Egg

John Mueller – Family Secret

Jon Reynolds & The Aches – Petrichor EP

Juana Everett – Move On

Justin Moses – Fall Like Rain

Kaz Mirblouk – Careless by Contrast

Kinlaw – The Tipping Scale

Labyrinth – Welcome To The Absurd Circus

Lande Hekt – Going to Hell

Lee Rocker (из The Stray Cats) – Gather Round

Lizzie Weber – How Does It Feel EP

Logic1000 – You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go Out EP

Lokoy – Badminton

Lonely The Brave – The Hope List

The Luxurious Faux Furs – Like A Real Shadow

M. Caye Castagnetto – Leap Second

Madeline Kenney – Summer Quarter EP

Maggie Lindemann – Paranoia EP

Mexican Institute of Sound – Distritio Federal

Monstroid – Set 2: Burnt Sky

Moon Taxi – Silver Dream

Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos

Neska Rose – The Repel Of A Young Girl EP

Palberta – Palberta5000

Parker Longbough – Crackle / Hiss

Peewee Longway & Cassius Jay – Longway Sinatra 2

Peter Stampfel – Peter Stampfel’s 20th Century

Phantom Elite – Titanium

rOZZ – Hope Of The Sands

Red Cain – Kindred: Act II

Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Destiny Street Complete

Rhye – Home

Sammy Rae & The Friends – Let’s Throw A Party EP

Scarred – Scarred

Schemer Heer – The Dragon, his Angels and the Exaltation of Death

Sirakh – Crisis of Faith

Skam – Sound Of A Disease

Snowk – Powder

Speed Stick (с участниками Superchunk, The Breeders и Bat Fangs) – Volume One

Stephen’s Shore – Brisbane Radio EP

Steven Wilson – The Future Bites

A Stick and a Stone – Versatile

Still Corners – The Last Exit

The Sun Came Up Upon The Left and Everson Poe – Ancestral Memory

Teen Creeps – Forever

Tenant From Zero – Flight

TH1RT3EN (Pharoahe Monch, Daru Jones & Marcus Machado) – A Magnificent Day For an Exorcism

TRZTN – Royal Dagger Ballet

Tuzeint – 23 EP

Various Artists – Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan 1980–1988

Wardruna – Kvitravn

Wavedash – By Any Means

W.E.T – Retransmission

Widowspeak – Honeychurch EP

Wig Wam – Never Say Die

Willie Jones – Right Now

Women – Rarities 2007-2010

Young Dolph – Rich Slave (Deluxe Edition)

Yung – Ongoing Dispute

Zaabriskie – Breathe Out EP

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