16 августа

16 августа 2020 г.

Biffy Clyro, Sea Girls, Джеймс Дин Брэдфилд и другие альбомы, вышедшие на этой неделе.

0171 – Change Nothing EP

03 Greedo – Load It Up Vol. 1

666 – 666

8 Inch Betsy – The Mean Days

8KIDS – Live In Leipzig 2019 EP

Ada Morghe – Box

All We Are – Providence

AMAARA – Heartspeak

ARA – The Desert EP

Arlo McKinley – Die Midwestern

Arre! Arre! – Heavy Breathing EP

Bambibrains – Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea EP

Bear Mace – Charred Field of Slaughter

Beautiful Dudes – Nite Songs

Biffy Clyro – A Celebration of Endings

Bill Frisell – Valentine

Black Marble – I Must Be Living Twice EP

Black Noi$e – Oblivion

Black Tractor – The Wonders of the Invisible World

Bloxx – Lie Out Loud

Boldy James – The Versace Tapes

Bruce Hornsby – Non-Secure Connection

BT – The Lost Art of Longing

Bull Elephant – Created From Death

Burna Boy – Twice As Tall

Busty and the Bass – Eddie

Cancer – Opioid

Casey MQ – babycasey

Caylee Hammack – If It Wasn’t For You

Chastain – For Those Who Dare: 30th Anniversary Edition

Cindygod (с участникамиf Gauntlet Hair) – EP2

Coi Leray – Now or Never EP

Crown Lands – Crown Lands

Dan Rosenboom – Points of an Infinite Line EP

Dana Gavanski – Wind Songs EP

Danger Incorporated – Hackers of the World Unite

Dave East – Karma 3

David Bowie – Something in the Air (Live Paris 99)

David Newton – A Gateway to a Lifetime of Disappointment

Deathcave – Smoking Mountain

Densa – Frou Frou EP

Drew Holcomb – Kitchen Covers: The Collection

Drug Couple – Choose Your Own Apocalypse EP

Dylan Cartlidge – Yellow Brick Road EP

eleven7four – What’s The 1174? (Side 1)

Elis Noa – What Do You Desire?

Emma Swift – Blonde On The Tracks

Eric Slick – Wiseacre

Evelyn Cools – Misfit Paradise EP

Evie Irie – The Optimist EP

Exploding Flowers – Stumbling Blocks

Fair Visions – A Way Out EP

Fantastic Negrito – Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

French Mouth – Paper Tiger EP

Gordon Koang – Unity

Grimgotts – Sagas EP

Halestorm – Reimagined EP

Her Songs – Toronto Vol. 2 EP

Holly Humberstone – Holly Humberstone EP

Homeplate – Derby City EP

In Mourning – Echoes

Ingested – When Only Gods May Tread

Internet Money – B4 The Storm

Jack Conman – Seventh Sense Libido

Jacob Collier – Djesse Vol. 3

James Dean Bradfield – Even is Exile

The Japanese House – Chewing Cotton Wool EP

Jaye Bartell – Kokomo

Jeannie Seely – An American Classic

Johnny Hates Jazz – Wide Awake

Jon Gurd – Lion

Kaash Paige – Teenage Fever

Kamelot – I Am the Empire – Live From The 013

Kathleen Edwards – Total Freedom

Kiesza – Crave

King Buzzo (Базз осборн из The Melvins) with Trevor Dunn – Gift of Sacrifice

Kris Delmhorst – Long Day in the Milky Way

The Levellers – Peace

Lexxicon – Tropical R&B EP

Librarians with Hickeys – Long Overdue

Lil Romo – King Without a Crown

Lindsay Ell – Heart Theory

Lux Graves – Sex and Superstitions EP

Matt Rollings – Matt Rollings Mosaic

Mercury Circle – The Dawn of Vitriol

Mree – Bloom EP

Michael McArthur – How to Fall in Love EP

Naretha Williams – Blak Mass

North Kingsley – Vol. 1 EP

Only Sibling – Get Well Soon

The Oracle – Hypogeum

Orville Peck – Show Pony EP

The Phantom Carriage – 7-Year Epilogue

Pillow – Bengal Tiger EP

Pink Cocoon – It’s No Fun EP

Poppy – I Disagree (More)

Primitive Man – Immersion

Reb Fountain – Reb Fountain 

Roland Tings – First Wave EP

Rosehip Teahouse – Chillin in the Void EP

Rumer – Nashville Tears

Sea Girls – Open Up Your Head

Shania Twain – Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Shania Twain

Siberian Tiger – First Dance EP

Sierre – Artisan Jams EP

Son Lux – Tomorrows I

St. Valentine – St. Valentine EP

State Champs – Unplugged EP

Steven G – ShowGreat University EP

Sylvie Simmons – Blue on Blue

Tally Spear – Tally EP

Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters – Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters

Terry Ohms – Smooth Sailing Forever

They Hate Change – 666 Central Ave. EP

Tic Tic – Comfort in the Echo

Titan to Tachyons – Cactides

Tom Lyngcoln – Raging Head

Tori Kelly – Solitude EP

Twisted Pine – Right Now

Various Artists – Soul Love Now: The Black Fire Records Story 1975-1993

Vaya Futuro – El Paso Del Mundo

Visceral Violation – Carnival Cannibal

Vusi Mahlasela – Shebeen Queen

The Wandering Hearts – The Wandering Hearts

Whitney – Candid

Wingtip – All Your Friends Are Here

Winterhearth – Riverbend Empire 

Young Jesus – Welcome to Conceptual Beach

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